SAS Divine – Your Place to find Tranquility and Solace

SAS Divine Sector 11 Raebareilly Road Lucknow

sas divine lucknow 300x254 SAS Divine – Your Place to find Tranquility and Solace

When you are looking for a place that is destined to give you, your own personal space for tranquility and solace, this is the exact place where you will find what you are looking at.

SAS Divine is developed and designed only after extensive market research to determine consumer needs and as per consumer preferences. The Vrindavan Yojna Project embarked in 1990’s by the Uttar Pradesh Housing and Development Board (UP Avas Vikas Parishad) spread over 5000 acres.

The name, Vrindavan Yojna, is inspired from the birthplace of Lord Krishna in the famous sacred city Mathura. The government obtained the agricultural land from the farmers and further developed essential infrastructure for new townships to put down the roots.

This is presenting a great location which is just right for you and create a unique value proposition for your investments and secure a perfect future for you and your family.

Today, Vrindavan Yojna is one of the best upcoming townships within the city of Lucknow with the bright future prospects and close to all necessary amenities of the town being it shopping mall, educational institutions, hospitals, railways station and Lucknow International Airport.

Life at Vrindavan Yojna will take you to a new element of elite, filling your soul with natural greenery. We, SAS Divine, are very excited to inhabit in this posh colony and become the pride of the modern Lucknow.

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Lodha The Rise– Creating Better Tomorrow

Lodha The Rise Dombivali Mumbai

Lodha The Rise Dombivali Mumbai 300x225 Lodha The Rise– Creating Better TomorrowWhen you are set out to create a better living for you and your family, you have to consider not only your today’s requirements but also your future needs and this is where it becomes important to clearly understand the nature and availability of modern day living in a residential scheme.

Lodha City is different as it is being built keeping in mind your needs and requirements for the future that will help you get maximum living for you and your family.

A lot of attention and focus has been given to give priority to location and that shows on this project locality and provides a great opportunity for its customers to make their living a special experience for a lifetime.

Lodha City is the latest project launched by Lodha Group in the heart of the city. The hope is here and its name is Lodha The Rise. A city taking figure today, for the people of tomorrow. A city that has been envisioned, designed and built in the mind earlier than the first brick was laid.

Deliberately situated at the intersection of Navi Mumbai and Dombivali, Lodha The Rise is envisioned to be converted into the major ever private, entirely considered development in urban India. This is set to provide a unique opportunity for its customers to have their own space of special significance and crate many more opportunities for their family members. Come and experience a different and unique lifestyle that is just rightly made and crafted for you.

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Multiplying Wealth via Investing in Noida Property

Investing in Noida Property

multiply wealth by investing in noida property 300x200 Multiplying Wealth via Investing in Noida PropertyDo you want to invest in real estate opportunity which can multiply your wealth? Well Noida is coming up as a great answer to this question for investors. The place is close to Delhi, has all the needed infrastructure and is becoming a financial and social hub for the National Capital Region. All these reasons are giving a big edge to Noida today.

Additionally, the launch of Metro rail services has made it easy and safe for the people to travel from Noida to Delhi and Gurgaon. And yes, what’s more is the fact that the DND Flyway over the river Yamuna can take a person to South Delhi with only few minutes drive.

On the other side of Noida stands another major development hub, the Yamuna Expressway. The smooth Yamuna Expressway lessens the time and traffic to reach Greater Noida and Dadri. Even the city which is regarded as a gateway to UP, Ghaziabad is just about adjacent to Noida and is easily accessible by crossing National Highway-24.

All these factors have made sure that there is mushrooming of development in the city of Noida and even various multi-specialty hospitals are available here in times of distress. Hence, people who want to multiply their investments in limited time, are investing in the real estate property in Noida.

Noida also has a lot of small & medium scale industries, higher education institutions and training centres and that is why there is great demand for real estate property in Noida. This city has also developed as a hub of commercial markets, malls and cineplexes. There are a lot of such interesting places such as The Great India Place, Centre Stage Mall, Spice Mall and Supertech Shopprix Mall etc which are always filled with the international clothing & jewelry stores and also have in house multiplexes where families can enjoy a good outing and also experience flavor of famous food courts and restaurants offering a wide variety of foods.

At Investors Clinic, we understand what our customers want and that is the key to our success. We are presenting some of the residential projects that are in Noida and can add a lot of value to your investment plans.

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Why Owning Your Own house is Important today

Owning your own house

Buy A New Home 300x186 Why Owning Your Own house is Important today

Owning your own house is very important in today’s scenario. As confirmed by experts, if you own a house, you are somewhat insulated from economic downturns and also it provides an ideal atmosphere for your investments to grow creating a perfect future setting for you and your family members.

Investment in Home is always great investment

Owning a home doesn’t involve capital risk today, and specially if you go with a reputed real estate consultant. Always remember that your home is not the stock market. Your own home also drives great psychological advantages for you and your family. You feel secured and hence you tend to do better in life and move ahead with pride and a great personal poise.

Home is a great Saving

It is quite simple, if you can rent an apartment for Rs 10,000 a month instead of buying one for Rs 15000 a month, renting may make sense. But the big point is that, you will save that additional Rs 5000 for your future as your own home is yours forever and create better wealth avenues for you in the future. So as a forced monthly saving, it’s a good discipline to have in your lifestyle.

Many Choices Today

Today, there is no dearth of real estate projects in India. Almost every city has got a lot of real estate investment happening and what’s more, today there are a lot of FDI driven projects coming to India. All is opening up great set of opportunities for home buyers like you.

Investors Clinic is truly committed company serving all over the globe. Due to our long lasting customer satisfaction, we have earned their complete trust and have a strong and unique market reputation in the real estate industry. In light of all this, we provide best guidance and support to our customers in terms of finding their best location for a healthy and beneficial lifestyle.

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Supertech Albaria – Enabling Seamless Living

Supertech Albaria Greater Noida West, Greater Noida

supertech albaria main Supertech Albaria – Enabling Seamless Living

Today, everybody is looking for a special place where you have everything under one roof of living and have a feeling of belonging. A feeling which says that you really belong to this place and a feeling which assures your investment will grow in the place of your choice and living.

Driving better living for its customers, Supertech presents Albaria, ultra-luxurious & spacious apartments in Noida extension. Enter into a world where living is seamless, where spaciousness is a mandate and luxury is the order of the day. Where lushness is a salvation for your soul and state-of-the-art technology mesmerizes your mind.

This is a residential development that is exactly crafted with exclusivity in mind and hence this is the place where you will feel at home right from day one. This is your special place which is a quiet place that is eons away from the hustle-bustle of the world, yet is conveniently located in the heart of civilization. A destination that speaks volumes about tranquility, yet is alive with all that’s happy and joyful in the world.

This is your chance to own your specific and exclusive haven away from the rush of the world. Additionally this is a great address that befits the exclusive, privacy loving you. Go ahead; explore Albaria and create special moments and lifestyle for you and your loved ones.

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Tips On When And Why You Should Buy a New Home

Tips on Buying a New Home

Yes, it might be true that the economy is undergoing a lot of stress and some people might think that it is not an ideal time for investing in markets, but experts working closely with the real estate suggest that today holds a great opportunity to beyond the obvious and invest in your personal dream. Your own home sweet home!

So at Investors Clinic, we are presenting some of the big reasons why it’s good to buy a new home today.

A good deal, is always a good deal

This is especially true if you have all the knowledge about the real estate markets and can negotiate well with the sellers. As a customer, you must remember that this is a buyer’s market. This is a great time to look at putting your investment into your own house.

And prices have come down a long way as well. More importantly, today’s modern infrastructure in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore is creating great atmosphere for peripheral development of suburbs in these cities and hence, home affordability is rising way ahead now.

Saving on taxes

As you go for your new home, you can get home loans and the interest that you pay is tax free and hence it can spur your tax related benefits and encourage you to have further savings from your monthly income.

Interestingly, the tax breaks are more valuable and give you more value, the more you earn, and the bigger your home loan is. So as a result, many people find that these tax breaks translate towards, owning a home costs them less, often a lot less, than actually living on a rented space. And of course on the long run, you completely own your space which becomes a huge positive for you and your family.

Your personal heaven

Yes, it is your own space, the one which is yours and yours only. You can have it the way you want it. You can have the kitchen and bathrooms you want. For instance, you can have the false ceiling that you always wanted, build an extension–zoning permitted–or paint everything bright red or blue.

Protection from Inflation

As experts believe, owning a house might stir up your personal economic situation but over the long-term housing has tended to beat inflation as far as India is concerned. And hence, owning a house can be a great to valuable insure your family against inflation, especially if you’re young and raising a family and thinking about the next 30 or 40 years.

We are sure that by following these tips, you will reach to achieve maximum and hugely gain on the way ahead in life.

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