5 Important Points to consider before buying property in India

Buying Property in India

Guide to Buy Property in India 300x187 5 Important Points to consider before buying property in India

As you move towards making that final call for purchasing a property, it is always advisable to check on the finer details and act accordingly. As we are always looking forward to helping our esteemed customers in terms of making informed decisions, we are recommending the following steps before cracking the property deal.

Title deed of title of the land

Title deed of title of the land 218x300 5 Important Points to consider before buying property in IndiaAs you are planning to buy a property, first and foremost thing is to check down the title deed of that property. This is the first step as a property title deed is the legal document which proves the ownership of a particular property in India.

And as per the law, the title deed derives certain level of rights and independence to the person who holds it and such deeds are required where person wants to transfer his ownership. This document usually holds description of property along with the person’s name that holds it and multiple persons can be listed as owners, in case the property belongs to more than a single individual.

Official seal, no Photocopy

Official seal Stamp 300x294 5 Important Points to consider before buying property in IndiaIt is most important to note that an official seal is used to point out that the deed is recorded officially and normally it is signed by an owner or officers and a witness who may be a regional officer or a clerk. As a buyer, you must check for the presence of official seal in the document.

And here is the biggest catch, as you are looking forward to buy this property, you must ask for the original deed document and not a photocopy because there are times when the seller might have taken a loan and given in the original deed document to the bank.

Pledged Land

Pledged Land 150x150 5 Important Points to consider before buying property in IndiaThere are a number of property owners who take bank loan by pledging their property with a particular bank. So in this case the property belongs to the bank for the time their loan is not cleared. You need to make sure that the property you are about to buy is not pledged. And in case the sellers acknowledges this fact, and paid entire amount due then bank has to issue a “Release certificate”. You must ask for this bank document as this release certificate is needed whenever you want to take any loan in future.

Property Tax and electricity bill receipts

property tax bills 150x150 5 Important Points to consider before buying property in IndiaThis is again a very important aspect of buying a property. Property taxes and electricity bills are first charge on property that is paid to the concerned government authorities or municipality. As a buyer of the property it is your right to make enquiry in government and municipal offices to ensure whether all tax and electricity bills have been paid as on date.


Size and Measurement of the Property

Size and Measurement of the Property 150x150 5 Important Points to consider before buying property in IndiaIt is always better to measure the land exactly, before registering any property. And we would surely advice that you should get this done with authorized surveyors. This would avoid many problems coming in future. And additionally for the sake of your understanding, you can take your property survey sketch from survey department and do ensure the accuracy of the measurements.

As Investors Clinic is always committed towards providing the best information for its customers, we are sure that these tips will go a long way in ensuring better and transparent deals for you.

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How to Sell Your Property With Commercial Property Agents

Gain from Selling Commercial Property Through Agents

commercial property How to Sell Your Property With Commercial Property Agents

In today’s scenario, commercial properties are valuable assets for any individual and selling them can be a great way to increase your cashflow. But as corroborated by real estate experts, if you want to sell an industrial property, shop or an industrial building, then you must find a perfect commercial property agent, who can work closely with you and find a suitable buyer for your property. We at Investors Clinic are presenting some of the big and valuable points to consider while achieving this task of selling your commercial property.

Value of Your Property

value of your property 150x150 How to Sell Your Property With Commercial Property Agents This is first and foremost, so before you can put your commercial building on the market listings, you need to find out exactly how much it is worth? And as real estate market price points fluctuate all the time, you may need another valuation even if you have had one in the past. This is where a valuable real estate agent can come in handy and perform proper valuation for your commercial property.

And while evaluating your building, commercial real estate agent normally take into account a number of factors such as the size of your building, construction quality, amount of parking space available in your building, designated use, and the possibility of renting it out to large corporate and MNCs as well.

Saving Your Precious Time

saving your precious time 150x150 How to Sell Your Property With Commercial Property AgentsA customer must remember that if you try to sell the property yourself then you will have to talk to every potential buyer on the phone and give your precious time on this initiative. This may be time consuming and might take a lot of effort from your side. On the other hand, if you go with a property agent then that agent will be able to listen to all of the potential purchasers and select only the best of the buyers so that you get a great deal and also save on your time and effort in a major way.

Sale Commission

Sale Commission 300x137 How to Sell Your Property With Commercial Property AgentsAt a time when you are searching for commercial property agents you should be aware that you need to pay commission to the agent upon a successful sale. In present scenario, this commission rate is typically between 3 and 10 percent of the overall deal. But you can surely negotiate this rate as per your understanding with the agent. But the most important thing is to talk about this beforehand and decide on the rate before you actually purchase the property. Also one golden rule for such deals is the fact that quicker your property will sell, the lower the commission that your agent will charge from your end. This way, you can gain from selling your commercial property through an agent and move ahead in life towards prosperity.

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How to Select your Dream House

6 Tips on How to Select your Dream House 

As people move ahead to look for their dream homes, it becomes quite a cumbersome process as most of the time, even people have very little idea on what exactly are they looking for. Keeping this in mind, we at Investors Clinic are presenting some of the big areas that a buyer should be looking at, while moving on towards selecting the house of his dreams.

The right price point, the right floor

This is always important, and more important is to understand the personal capacity to take a loan from any financial institution. As today’s modern infrastructure often comes with different price points for different floors, it is better to select a right floor based on the amount you can afford.

Usually, in some high rise apartment, lower floors including ground and first floors are much cheaper when compared to the upper ones. So if you have a tight budget, than you can always go for the ground option.

Understanding the architecture

As it is going to be your special place, you must take pain in understanding about the way it is being built. It will add up to your knowledge for your housing, on the long run.

There are several other things that need to be kept in mind while selecting the right apartment and the right floor, which is just perfect for your family. Also it is important to understand that staying in lower floors is often difficult as when and if there is any damage to the sewage pipes etc, then it is more problematic for people living in the ground and first floors. And because of such issues, some people avoid selecting the lower floors of any apartment building.

The importance of elevators

This is extremely important, especially if you have shelved out big sum of money on buying that top view floor. As you look for other facilities in a building, you must also consider the facility of proper elevators. And also you must understand and look for the quality ratings and maintenance of standards while making such elevators in an apartment.

Personal Interests

It is quite true that selecting the right kind of apartment also depends on your personal requirements, interests and affiliations. For instance, some people might love nature and hence want to see and feel the air and trees – middle floors are ideally suited for such personalities. However, same floors would be inconvenient for people who do not have any affiliation towards natural habitat.

The Noise factor

If you are staying in ground or even first floor, traffic and other sounds from surroundings always go round your ears. And yes, if you are one of those who like such noise and do not care for noisy room, can surely go for such apartments and would actually love it being there.

However, if you like it the quite way, selecting second, third, or fourth floor would be much better to avoid disturbance to yourself as well as your family members or students and other elderly people living in your family space.

Accessibility of your Home

Accessibility is perhaps one of the biggest criteria for deciding on an apartment. This is much debated and absolutely necessary for a family to discuss and decide beforehand while selecting an apartment.

As experts say, it is always better to select a ground floor where there is no need to use a lift and you are looking for such a place where you should not be using any lifts.

Gaursons Smart Homes 14 Avenue Gaurcity, Greater Noida

Gaurcity 14 Avenue, Greater Noida

When it comes to homes no one builds it better, stronger and spectacular than Gaursons. With a proven track record of delivering what it promises, Gaursons is a real estate developer to reckon with in Delhi NCR. Whatever it has touched has turned into gold. It has happened in Indirapuram. And it holds true for each project of Gaursons. Its partner, Saviour Builders Pvt. Ltd. is also renowned for its commitment to quality and is a respected name in the real estate fraternity. The duo is all set to create history in Noida Extension, where they are coming up with a landmark township, Gaur City. With a portent to become benchmark for all future real estate developments, Gaur City, spread over 130 acres, is a fine amalgam of high living ensconced not only by the greenery but all the modern amenities such as multiplex, stadium, Olympic size swimming pool, hotels, hospitals and schools among others. Situated adjacent to Sector 121, Noida, the icing on the cake is that you don’t have to go far to enjoy the good life as Gaur City is only 11 km from Kalindi Kunj and 7 km from the functional Sector 32, Noida City Centre Metro Station.
So don’t resist the temptation. Give in. We promise it will be worth, Gaur City, spread over 125 acres, is a fine amalgam of high living ensconced not only by the greenery but all the modern amenities such as multiplex, stadium, swimming pool, hotel, hospital and schools among others. Situated adjacent to Sector 121, Noida, the icing on the cake is that you don’t have to go far to enjoy the good life as Gaur City is only 11 km from Kalindi Kunj and 7 km from the functional Sector 32, Noida City Centre Metro Station.

Specifications of Gaursons Smart Homes

Vitrified tiles (800×800) in Drawing, Dining, Kitchen & Entrance Lobby
Vitrified tiles (600×600) in all Bedrooms
Ceramic tiles in Toilets and Balconies.

POP/Gypsum Plaster finished walls & ceiling with OBD.
2′-0″ dado above the working top and 4′-6″ from the floor level on remaining walls by ceramic tiles.

Individual RO unit in Kitchen for drinking water
Wood work in Kitchen with Accessories.

Granite counter washbasin in Master Bedroom Toilet
Wall mounted EWC
White sanitary ware
CP fittings (Jaguar or Marc or equivalent standard)
Mirror and towel rack
Ceramic tiles on walls up to Ceiling in wet area and on remaining wall up to 4′-0″ height
Texture paint up to ceiling
Shower area separated by fixed glass partition in Master Bedroom Toilet
Ceiling Exhaust fan in each toilet.

Outer doors & windows aluminium powder coated/UPVC
Internal Wooden Door Frames made of Maranti or equivalent wood
Good quality hardware fittings
One Almirah in All Bedrooms
All Doors laminated Flush Shutter of 8′-0″ Height.

Copper wire in PVC conduits with MCB supported circuits and adequate power and light points in wall & ceiling.
One tube light/CFL light in each Room.
Conduits for DTH connection without wire.
Intercom facilities for communication with lobby, main gate and other apartments.
Only provision of split AC points in All Bedrooms, Drawing & Dining area.
Video door phone in Main door.

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Why Customers should go for Assured Return Schemes

Assured Return Project

 assured returns time Why Customers should go for Assured Return SchemesA time when real estate customers are looking at getting big value from their investments, getting involved in an assured return scheme can be a good option, but it should be done under a proper guidance of a property consultant.

Such a scheme is usually introduced by the builders when they are not able to afford the interest rates being charged by various banks on their construction loans. There are times when new developers find it hard to convince banks to give them loans and more so, banks in India have an interest rate of 16% to 24%, which is a bit too high for a developer who is trying to establish himself in the market.

On this other hand, it gives a great chance for the customer to invest money and get assured returns. However, as market experts suggest, this should be done in accordance with proper real estate consultancy.

As part of this arrangement, the builder or real estate construction specialist undergoes an agreement in which he/she mentions the clause where the buyer can exit the arrangement after the completion of the project.

On the other hand, the buyer can continue with the arrangement and the seller would go ahead and lease the property to a tenant on a monthly rent basis. The amount of this rent is usually decided on basis of the total value of the property in the market, for example – if the value of a property is 50 lakh, then the rent would come to be around 12 to 15 percent of the total amount, i.e. 6 lakhs to 7 lakhs. And hence, the buyer would either be provided with 50,000 a month or 6 lakhs annually by the developer who has leased the property.

This is how assured return schemes work. But it is very important to understand that it becomes very important to go for such schemes with only reputed builders, who have a clean track record of executing such schemes in the past. And hence it should be done under the guidance of a well known real estate consultant like Investors Clinic.

As firmly believed by many real estate industry experts, the Assured Return Investment is usually a profitable system to ensure better returns for the investors, but it is always advisable to go with a trusted name and create better opportunities for you and your family.

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Aditya Willow 162 – Old Charm in Modern Living

Aditya Willow 162 NH 24, Ghaziabad

aditya willow 162 logo 300x214 Aditya Willow 162 – Old Charm in Modern Living

At a time when people are looking for that much needed old world charm in modern day living, it is really not to be found in many places and residential offerings are mostly being made keeping in mind the current and modern day taste.

But this project brings a different outlook towards this thought of bring in best of both the world together. This is where you will find that old world look built intrinsically into an ultra modern real estate offering.

Aditya Willow 162 is located in a 185 acres of integrated township and yet cozily wrapped up in a world of its own. It is close to work and every convenience, yet insulated from the city’s bustle, it brings back the charm of the days when a house was truly a place to come home to.

This project is also offering a great and unique location for its customers where they can be sure of a perfect location where they will have everything within their reach and not worry about the distances to major locations of the city. This is also a great opportunity to secure your investment and create wealth for you and your family in the future friendly manner.

Aditya meticulously planned independent homes of 3 BHK on plot area of 162 sq mtr. Willow 162 promises to make life more enjoyable, while being tucked away in a tranquil universe of its own. Come and discover a home that de-stresses you completely.

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