How Can You Win with Commercial Real Estate?

commercial property How Can You Win with Commercial Real Estate?

 Here are some of the selective tips from Investors Clinic team

When you are looking for a long term investment in real estate, then commercial real estate is surely a big answer today. Commercial real estate investment has lots of advantages that come in the form of extra cash flow, increasing levels of affordability, a great choice of locations from which to select and bigger payoffs, at the end of the day. However, as experts believe that such deals are not made but created with a little effort and research.

We are presenting some of the important points that an investor can look forward to while ensuring a better commercial real estate proposition that is both profitable as well as easy to execute.

First things first

As an investor in commercial real estate, you have to plan and work accordingly. Think a little ahead in time as it will give you an important foresight that is sometimes needed to realize the big differentiation on commercial real estate propositions.

You must create a list of your primary requirements such as the location of the property that you are looking at and of course the budget that you are going to be comfortable with.

It is very important to understand that those who have a clear vision of their goals have a better chance of succeeding than those who work with their hunch. You must also decide on the final objective of your commercial property purchase. This could be anything ranging from the amount of money that you are looking to make at the end of every month to a particular number of properties you want to purchase or sell off.

Research always pays off

As the saying goes, there are no short cuts to success and the path to success often comes through hard work and determination. Hence, it is advisable that before you embark on your journey as a commercial realty investor, you need to do a complete study of the market where you want to invest, cull out the positives and negatives of the market and this will give you enough market intelligence that can guide you towards reaching your goal.

Know your real estate deal inside out

As you decide to invest in a commercial real estate segment, it is very important to clearly understand the ins and outs of your deal. And there are certain points to consider while evaluating this well in advance and before you make that final call.

As a seasoned buyer you must always measure how the property is going to perform and give results, in terms of cash flow in comparison with other properties in the similar locality. This will give you a clear idea about your investment proposition.

Evaluating risk is also very important before making the purchase. And this is also true that not many real estate agents consider this as a decisive factor for a customer to make that final call. But, there is nothing wrong in evaluating risks and clearly understanding the consequences, if things and calculations do go wrong. In such scenario, you must have a plan B.

At Investors Clinic, we are always engaged in our effort to educate and help our customers evaluate some of the best real estate options and proper with timely investments in real estate.

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How to Sell Your Property With Commercial Property Agents

Gain from Selling Commercial Property Through Agents

commercial property How to Sell Your Property With Commercial Property Agents

In today’s scenario, commercial properties are valuable assets for any individual and selling them can be a great way to increase your cashflow. But as corroborated by real estate experts, if you want to sell an industrial property, shop or an industrial building, then you must find a perfect commercial property agent, who can work closely with you and find a suitable buyer for your property. We at Investors Clinic are presenting some of the big and valuable points to consider while achieving this task of selling your commercial property.

Value of Your Property

value of your property 150x150 How to Sell Your Property With Commercial Property Agents This is first and foremost, so before you can put your commercial building on the market listings, you need to find out exactly how much it is worth? And as real estate market price points fluctuate all the time, you may need another valuation even if you have had one in the past. This is where a valuable real estate agent can come in handy and perform proper valuation for your commercial property.

And while evaluating your building, commercial real estate agent normally take into account a number of factors such as the size of your building, construction quality, amount of parking space available in your building, designated use, and the possibility of renting it out to large corporate and MNCs as well.

Saving Your Precious Time

saving your precious time 150x150 How to Sell Your Property With Commercial Property AgentsA customer must remember that if you try to sell the property yourself then you will have to talk to every potential buyer on the phone and give your precious time on this initiative. This may be time consuming and might take a lot of effort from your side. On the other hand, if you go with a property agent then that agent will be able to listen to all of the potential purchasers and select only the best of the buyers so that you get a great deal and also save on your time and effort in a major way.

Sale Commission

Sale Commission 300x137 How to Sell Your Property With Commercial Property AgentsAt a time when you are searching for commercial property agents you should be aware that you need to pay commission to the agent upon a successful sale. In present scenario, this commission rate is typically between 3 and 10 percent of the overall deal. But you can surely negotiate this rate as per your understanding with the agent. But the most important thing is to talk about this beforehand and decide on the rate before you actually purchase the property. Also one golden rule for such deals is the fact that quicker your property will sell, the lower the commission that your agent will charge from your end. This way, you can gain from selling your commercial property through an agent and move ahead in life towards prosperity.

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