Gujarat Government Introduces New Construction Laws


Vijay Rupani, the Gujarat-State Chief Minister gave green signal to the GDRC i.e. General Developmental Control Regulations. The new construction laws have been approved in order to bring in more transparency and better infrastructural development. These rules came into effect from 31st March 2018 and are applicable in all eight Municipal Corporations and 162 Municipalities.

Salient Features of GDRC Rule:

  • Increase in Structural Height – The height of a residential building in the Kutch area has been increased by one percent. Earlier, the height for the same was 10 meters and now the Government has increased it to 11 meters.
  • Introduction of Multi-Level Parking – The Stack parking concept will come into effect has the parking space height has been increased from2.8 meters to 4.5 meters.
  • Basement Construction – The Government has approved construction of the basement for loading and unloading of goods as this will help in decongestion of roads. Currently, the process of loading/unloading of goods cover huge space on the roads and this leads to the traffic jam.
  • Space Waved-Off-According to the new laws, the Government has waved-off the leave margin space in the plots with less than 25 sq. meters. The area has been waived-off although they are required to leave the margin space on the main road.
  • Use of Double Flush Systems – The Government has made the use of the double flush system in toilet mandatory as this system have two buttons which flush out different amount of water and will help in saving water.

There are total 23 Urban Development Authorities to maintain these areas and now every area/city will have common construction laws and thus the entire State will have a uniform architectural structure.