Indian Real Estate Market: What’s trending?


With many positive reforms like RERA and GST implemented by the government in the last few years, the Indian real estate sector is once again picking up again. Developers, as well as prospective buyers, are more optimists towards the realty market of India.  Even many are also remodeling their business processes to streamline delivery and allied services without stretching themselves too much.


Realtors could also be seen focusing on their niche expertise, specialising in the various segments of real estate, e.g., plotted developments, residential projects, townships, and commercial spaces; and hence, specialist service providers could be emerging in each of these categories. Several recent studies have shown some striking trends that indicate the direction in which the real estate sector in India is moving.


So, let’s take a look at some of the major things which are trending the current real estate market of India:


  • With the increase in urbanization in big cities like Mumbai and Delhi, people are flocking towards the outskirts or suburban areas where many social and physical infrastructural developments are taking place. It can be seen that an upcoming area gives more returns than a developed area.
  • Cities like Bengaluru, Pune, Ahmedabad, and NCR are more trending among affordable housing segment.
  • In many top residential sectors which are also close to commercial hubs, people are mainly opting for renting homes as a good investment opportunity.
  • Multistoried apartments are more preferable as compared to single storey houses as they provide many hi-end amenities in less money.
  • People are keener in investing a fully furnished apartment, which they can get on a long-term lease as they can save more money.
  • These days checking out properties through an online portal is very much in trend as people get to see different options sitting at one place. However, before finalizing it, a site visit is still preferable.
  • Luxury flats, penthouses, branded residences and Boutique homes are preferred by the HNIs and NRIs as good investment options in India.
  • Pet-friendly apartments or housing societies are very much in trend these days.
  • Safety of the neighborhood and an eco-friendly home is also playing a major factor in choosing a particular property.
  • With the advent of the digital medium, property buyers these days are doing their financial dealings online rather than cash or cheque.
  • These days’ people are looking for an apartment with modern amenities and hi-end features like swimming pool, kids play area, multipurpose halls, recreation centers etc.


So these are just some of the trends that are gaining a lot of popularity in the current Indian realty sector. Keep in mind some of them and maybe you get a good return on your up-coming property investment.