Benefiting from Assured Return Projects in Gurgaon

Assured Return Projects in Gurgaon

At a time when customers looking up to destinations, where their investments are secured and grow in a better manner, Gurgaon is surely a big answer to their quest.

Gurgaon has developed as a great destination for property investments and when it comes to deriving profitability, Assured Returns schemes are playing a big role.

Whether it is the center of Gurgaon as city or Sohna Road, Arjun Marg area or DLF location. As real estate customers look for better returns from their investment options, the whole segment of real estate has moved up the value chain and concepts such as Assured Return schemes is an example of such mutually beneficial opportunities.

However the fundamentals of these schemes are no different from any other real estate segment and customers who understand the importance of location and find trust in their builders are in a better position to drive home better returns from assured returns schemes.

For the uninitiated, Assured Return Investment schemes works as a two way symbiotic relationship driven scheme. This is a kind of property investment where buyer or customers undergo an agreement with the property seller for a monthly return amount ranging between, 9% to 15% of the total value of the property.

And according to real estate experts, this particular scheme is holding great success for commercial property as these are slow moving assets which have a great potential of generating income after the construction is completed.

Gurgaon has also developed itself as a big preferred destination that has everything to offer to a real estate investment customer. And schemes like Assured Returns are creating huge opportunities for the investors in terms of providing them with a big comfort level that encourages them to invest and also provides them with valued returns that are delivered in a timely fashion.

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How Gurgaon is Becoming Luxury Property Capital for India?

How Gurgaon is Becoming Luxury Property Capital for India?

Gurgaon has multi-storey buildings, it has multi-national culture, almost all the MNCs have their base in the city and to top it all, Gurgaon is now becoming the luxury capital of India, when it comes to development and purchase of premium real estate.

As a city, Gurgaon is spread across an area of 732 square kms, it is a unique location which is close to the International and domestic airport, has a great connectivity with Metro and now it has just started its very own and special Rappid metro Rail.

All these factors are contributing heavily towards making this place a unique proposition for high end real estate buyers from different parts of the country as well as global buyers looking for a solid investment option.

And when it comes to luxury living, there are not many places which comes to mind, but Gurgaon is surely moving in the right direction and creating a special place for itself on the luxury living map. Projects such as Unitech’s Ivy Terraces and Lotus Greens by Nirmal Ji developer are putting the right kind of luxury real estate for the users and at the same time creating huge infrastructure driven promise for Gurgaon.

Unitech Ivy Terraces – Redefining Luxury

Keeping its focus towards providing the best of luxury to its customers, Unitech has introduced Ivy Terraces-luxury floor living. This is a thoughtfully integrated real estate with functionality and vast open spaces, making it visually splendid and wholly inviting.

Perfectly carved for the luxury segment, each floor of this project offers an intimate outdoor space that makes living at Ivy Terraces even more endearing. Ivy Terraces is a part of a 100+ acres self-contained township called Wildflower Country, situated in sector-70, Gurgaon. This is sure to excite the set of customers yearning for a luxurious living.

Lotus Greens – Luxury Comes First

Similarly, delivering great luxury living for the users, Lotus Greens project is being launched by developer (Nirmal ji – Founder) who has already done Lotus Panache, Lotus 300, Lotus Boulevard, Greenopolis etc.

They have already delivered 15 mn sq ft commercial space and 25 mn sq ft residential space. In Gurgaon, independent floors can only be launched on a 100 acre township, which takes 7 to 8 years to aggregate and take approvals. With new land acquisition bill – it has become very difficult to aggregate 100 acres as 4 times compensation needs to be paid with a consent of 70% farmers. Therefore, independent floors will appreciate very well over the next 3 to 4 years.

This particular luxury project is being done by world renowned architects, Benoy, who is associated with this 100 acre luxury low rise township.

This project comes with premium specifications such as – Imported Marble, Engineered wooden flooring, Wardrobes, Video Phone, Modular kitchen, Chimney, Hob – Landscaped terrace with granite top and barbeque station – all floors have private back lawn – Concierge Service – Signature club.

All this and more is sure to set the right tone for luxury real estate buying for Gurgaon and the city is set to move another notch up on the Luxury map.

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Advantages of Corporate Housing

In today’s fast paced lifestyle, a lot of people are moving from one city to another because of their official transfers and in such scenario it is very important that you keep certain tips in mind which will help you drive better in corporate housing.

So when you are making a housing movement, it is very important to coordinate a number of issues that are related with managing the logistics than anything else. First and foremost you have to look towards either selling your home or if it is possible finding a tenant for your home.

Then you have to look at packing and moving your personal belonging and here experts say that it is always advisable to look the most important things first and make a list of your important belonging that you can keep with yourself. And when you arrive at your final destination, you can match your belongings with the list that you prepared.

 Community exploration

When you move in a new city which is big and you do not have much of idea about the city culture and pace of life, it often takes time to learn the ins and outs of a new destination and corporate housing is an excellent way to check out the pace of life in a new neighborhood. With this you can easily understand and clearly understand the real advantages of living in certain parts of the city.

All this can help you make the informed decisions which will greatly benefit your family’s lifestyle and living. For example, you can have an understanding on the kind of schools and colleges are there in the city, which are the best malls to get what you look for? Where can you get the maximum family fun and also where the best of the hospitals etc? all these questions can be answered, once you experience it all first hand.

As experts in the real estate industry also emphasis that every city has certain positives and negatives and no one person can know about immediately upon arrival. This type of temporary living can prove to be a great advantage in your quest to find out what those positives are that you and your family are looking for.

Buying a home

Designed to suit its customer’s needs and desires, corporate housing is a unique way to give you time to buy or build your dream home in your new location. The idea is that if you are feeling less stressful about the move, than you will be in a better position to explore great opportunities for yourself and negotiate with banks and select a home with everything you look forward to.

Saving your money

As you are relocating, you and your family have an option of staying in a hotel, but in this scenario, it’s necessary to eat almost every meal in a restaurant. On the other hand, corporate housing offers an affordable choice, at the same time the occupants can cook their own meals and reduce their daily expenses. This always helps, especially in time of need and when you are looking for reducing your stress levels.

It is true that one of the biggest advantages of non-permanent residency is the option to go for fully furnished housing. Under this scenario, you will have from linens to sofas, to kitchen utensils, each unit is generally equipped with everything necessary to make living a great delight for you and your family.

Why You should buy a New Home?

Buy A New Home 300x186 Why You should buy a New Home?

Today it is becoming even more rational and important to buy new homes, here is how and why

As we have the real estate market trying to woo investments from first time buyers, there are a lot of deals in the market for previously owned properties however; consumers should not overlook the potential advantages of buying a new home for themselves and their families.

It is a fact that new homes usually sell at higher per square foot then resale homes. But their selling points, are pretty strong indeed. And in to help consumers understand the real or sometime hidden advantages of buying a new home, we are presenting a list of reasons for consumers to seriously look at buying their own new home.

The Importance of Customization

As it goes with the new home sale, a number of home builders allow buyers to help design the property, well this goes a long way in terms of helping the owners to create a living space tailored to their own tastes and sentiments, rather than going for an old home where they have to live with what has been built and used. In addition to this, new-home buyers can also decide where their kitchen might go, select their favorite flooring color or pick the interior and exterior paint color.

And yes, there is a lot of flexibility for new-home buyers and hence they are in a great position to create a home space that has their own personal stamp of quality and genuine signature. It is simply not possible with a used house.

Going Green

Today, everybody has to look at the energy factor as well. And of course, it goes without saying that the greater energy-efficient ecosystem of the home also help reduce utility bills for new-home buyers. And this is becoming far more important today than ever before. Next generation ready, new homes often include green systems and appliances, such as high-efficiency stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, water heaters, furnaces or air conditioning units. And similarly homes built years ago might not have such facilities to help conserve the energy in a better manner.


Less maintenance

Today’s new homes are engineered specifically to reduce the maintenance requirements for a long period of time. For example, the paintings done inside and outside can have a long lasting factor associated with it and when compared to old homes this can cost less maintenance over a long period of time. On the other hand, when you buy a used house, you don’t know what you are getting and chances are that you might have to do a lot of maintenance on your own and this costs money.

The Right Concessions

This holds big importance, especially in today’s sluggish housing market, this simply means that buyers could get more concessions or discounts out of a home building company than an individual seller. This is a big fact that individual sellers often have big emotional values attached to their properties and as a result, usually think that home is worth more money than it is.

Bptp Park Elite – Great Options for Great Living and Opportunities

Bptp Park Elite Sector 75, Faridabad

Bptp Elite Sector 75 Faridabad 300x115 Bptp Park Elite – Great Options for Great Living and OpportunitiesDelivering great options to the different customer segments, Park Elite Floors is a mid-income housing project, featuring independent floors. The project offers multiple size options in the 3 and 4 bedroom categories.

These floors are being built on the ground plus two floors structure and ensure a low density of living for residents. This is emerged as a big and huge advantage for the residential living and this is what being delivered in this project.

As location is one of the most critical aspects for deciding a project, these residential homes are well connected and are in close proximity to a number of residential projects within the close proximity.

Additionally there are a number of schools, hospitals and other necessary physical and social infrastructure which are ready and available for the customers. All this is creating unique advantage proposition for the customers to move in to this special space.

Also, it becomes important to note that as part of this project, the Elite Floor Customers are welcome to inspect the HUDA empanelled architect certified super built up area for the Elite Floors units. As of September 30, 2009 the project has sold 4,997 units in Park Elite Floors.

What’s more, is that the super area related detailed plans and other relevant documents, for Park Elite Floors are available for inspection at BPTP Crest, Gurgaon between 4 and 6PM, Monday to Friday.

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Paarth Aadyant – Your Advantage in Location and Credibility

Paarth Aadyant Sector 7 Gomtinagar Extension , Lucknow

Paarth Aaoyant 300x199 Paarth Aadyant – Your Advantage in Location and CredibilityThis is a big fact of real estate segment that location and credibility plays a very important role in terms of helping a customer decide on the property purchase. However, at the same time it gets very difficult to get a place that has both of these qualities embedded in it. Keeping this in mind, Paarth Aadyant is created to deliver best of the both worlds to a customer.

When it comes to selecting a house out of the wide variety available in the market, remember, location based advantage and credibility of developer are as crucial as the price and aesthetics when taking the final decision. This is a great example of providing the best possible residential options to the end customers.

While quality of construction, security and architectural finesse are important, one must not overlook the availability of modern lifestyle facilities and abundance of greenery. All this is aesthetically designed to deliver a great space that you and your family can appreciate and cherish on.

Today, almost all developers promise all of the above USPs, but very few actually deliver. Amongst these few Developers is Paarth Infrabuild Pvt. Ltd. (PIPL), a promoter company that is duly complemented by the expertise of the renowned REPL Group.

PIPL’s latest integrated residential project, aptly named Aadyant, is replete with every conceivable modern features and facilities, which makes it ideal for setting up your home and create a great value for you and your family members.

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