How Odisha is Making Low-Cost Houses for Poor

propertynewsindia.in1 How Odisha is Making Low Cost Houses for PoorThe government of Odisha is making all the effort to create solid housing infrastructure for the poor in the state.

In a bid to provide low cost housing for the poor strata of the society, the Chief Minister of Odisha has announced plans to launch Shelter Security Mission in the state.

As part of this program, the government would be spending between Rs 15,000 to 20,000 crore and looking forward to provide low-cost affordable housing for the poor in both rural and urban areas of the state. [Read more...]

How to Earn Revenue from Your Investment Property

propertynewsindia.in1 How to Earn Revenue from Your Investment PropertyMost individuals purchase real estate in anticipations of making wealth from their property acquisition, just as they might with any other investment asset. Though, real estate is exceptional in that it has four different components of investment returns. Fundamentally, here are the four ways you can create money as an outcome of real estate ownership:

  • Property value appreciation
  • cash flows
  • income tax advantage
  • loan principal pay down

It’s imperative to note that just for the reason that there are numerous mechanisms of returns; it does not imply you will always make money on realty investments. Various people go through terrible losses due to inadequate research and study, as well as because of risk matters that have not been mitigated. Do your homework before you invest in real estate. [Read more...]

How you can win with Investing in Real Estate

propertynewsindia.in1 How you can win with Investing in Real EstateWhen you are investing in the real estate segment, only sky is the limit, but you need to keep yourself abreast with what is happening in the industry and gain more from your investments.

When people invest in real estate, the primary motive is to make money and increase the rate of their growth. But as an investor you need to keep in mind a lot of variables such as taxes you pay, the costs of owning the real estate investments, payment towards the utilities and above all the insurance of your real estate.

Only after knowing all these details, will you be able to derive the best information. We are presenting some of the best practices that can guide you towards better investment opportunities in real estate. [Read more...]

Buying a Property with Tenants in Place

propertynewsindia.in1 Buying a Property with Tenants in PlaceThere are loads of paybacks to purchasing an investment property with current tenants.  One will start making rental proceeds from the settlement date of the house, and need not bear the costs of marketing the property to tenants – not to mention you can escape the aggravation of looking for a new property manager.

But buying a house that comes with its own tenants can also have its disadvantages.

Your responsibilities towards your tenants:In case the occupants have been there for an extensive period and the house is in decent condition, you will be quite sure that the occupants have had a good rapport with their landlord.  However what if you’re not content with the occupants of the house you’ve bought? [Read more...]

Pros and Cons for Investing in Real Estate

propertynewsindia.in1 Pros and Cons for Investing in Real EstatePros and Cons for Investing in Real Estate :

We at Investors Clinic are presenting some of the big advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a real estate. Do take a look to get a clear understanding.

There are many people who dream of having their own home – dreams can surely come true but people need to be careful enough to evaluate all the positives and negatives while making their real estate investment.

[Read more...]