How Odisha is Making Low-Cost Houses for Poor

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propertynewsindia.in1The government of Odisha is making all the effort to create solid housing infrastructure for the poor in the state.

In a bid to provide low cost housing for the poor strata of the society, the Chief Minister of Odisha has announced plans to launch Shelter Security Mission in the state.

As part of this program, the government would be spending between Rs 15,000 to 20,000 crore and looking forward to provide low-cost affordable housing for the poor in both rural and urban areas of the state.

In addition to providing the housing for the poor, the Odisha government has also proposed to initiate a low cost affordable housing scheme for urban poor, specifically those who are living in the slums.

The Chief Minister of the state has also said that the state government in Odisha would work towards converting all the ‘kutcha’ houses in the state of Odisha to ‘pucca’ houses in the coming five years time as part of this mission.

The government of the state has also ensured that there availability of proper funds to fuel this level of mobilisation of resources, manpower and innovative implementation strategy and execution of this project.

However, the government has also pointed out there will be some challenges in front of the execution of this projects and in order to overcome this and facilitate speedy completion of the project, the government has decided to provide Rs 10,000 cash incentive for houses that will be completed within the four months from the date of issue of work order and release of first installment. This should drive better and timely delivery of the houses for this project.

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