TN Government gives nod to planning permission for construction sites less than 1200 sqft


In a recent development, the Tamil Nadu government has given their approval to all those construction sites less than 1200 sqft who are awaiting permission from past 30 days. The decision has been recently taken place in a meeting and was informed by O Panneerselvam, the Deputy Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

After the above approval, now all the construction sites whose area is less than 1200 sqft can start their work that got delayed due to non-permission from the authority.

Giving more information on the above, a senior Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) authority said, “All the properties that fall under the jurisdiction of CMDA can now start the construction work which was stalled earlier due to delayed permissions.”

He also informed that owners who have already submitted their documents on time would be deemed sanctions.

The CMDA also stated that they have passed on different planning permission powers to local bodies like Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) and others. It means that from now onwards all these civic bodies will be able to grant permissions to smaller constructions like ‘G+1’ or ‘Stilt+2’ structures.

The move of the government has brought cheers to many independent homebuyers who were facing problems due to stalled building plan approvals with the authority for more than 30 days.

In 2017 also, the TN Government has started a regularization scheme for various unapproved plots in the state. At that time, the government has received massive 3434 such applications from Chennai and around 6 lakhs from other parts of the state.