Puravankara Group to Launch BluNex Life – NexGen Intelligent Homes

Bengaluru News

The renowned realtor Puravankara group of South India has planned a smart home project in a phased manner. The developer wishes to offer a smart and intelligent living experience to the residents in different parts of South India and thus launched BluNex Life – intelligent next-gen homes.

This is a new-aged residence where the concept like smart and safety features and contemporary designs in interiors will make living a luxurious affair. BluNex Life is a smart option to transform your regular living unit into a smart home as the project offers stunning features like the ability to control compatible smart home appliances, listen to music on demand, stay on top of their day to day activities and the powerful Google Assistant.

The company said that BluNex Life is a next big step in Home Automation and India has incorporated the use of latest cutting-edge technology in some areas but more space is left uncovered. The Puravankara group is also in talks with Google to assimilate Google Home that will enable intuitive control of fixtures and home appliances. The in-house research and Development cell of the company is also looking for opportunities to integrate open architecture technologies into the traditional way of home construction the launch of BluNex Life gave this breakthrough to the company.

The company plans to develop these smart homes in a three-phase manner and in the first phase, the company will launch smart pre-defined home solutions in all its ongoing and upcoming projects in Bengaluru.

In the Second phase, the company will offer a solution to the existing customers to upgrades their homes to the BluNex Life at a basic price. The company plans to launch this project in various southern cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Mangalore, Pune and Goa in the third and final phase.

The BluNex Life project comprises of features like interactive and connected devices, IoT-enabled services to secure home smartly. Also, these features will secure data of the residents who always stay connected to internet.

Apart from this, the integration of Google Home will allow the residents to have voice control for simple things like “Ok Google, turn on the lights”, or “Ok Google, switch off the living room TV.”