CREDAI says Developers in NCR follow Proper Safety Norms for Construction


It’s been more than a week to the devastating earthquake of Nepal but the after effects and the damage caused by it will continue to haunt the country and the entire world. This has also raised a concern about the safety of the high rises in such disastrous situations. The Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Association of India (CREDAI) said in an interview with Economic Times that the builders in NCR are following all the safety norms to ensure the structural stability of the buildings if such calamities happen.

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has divided the country into four parts based on their susceptibility to earthquakes. Delhi/NCR falls under Seismic Zone IV which means that the area is highly prone to damages in case of quakes. Construction guidelines have been laid down by the National Disaster Management Association that have to be followed by the developers while planning their residential real estate projects.

CREDAI says that since Delhi/NCR is a highly prone area, the developers take these guidelines seriously and follow all the regulations laid down by the authorities. The design of the high-rises is finalized and is approved by the engineering experts and structural consultants appointed by the government. It is mandatory for the developers to adhere to these rules and regulations and follow the right path for approvals.

Despite heavy tremors in Northern Region, no damage was reported in the high rises of Delhi NCR. This is a clear indication that proper method of construction and safety norms are being duly followed by the developers. Structures stay undamaged in these areas because they have the strength and stability to withstand tremors. This suggests that the developers in NCR are serious about the safety of the occupants of their high rises and are taking all the necessary steps.

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