Haryana Housing Board eases property transfer norms


To make transfer of houses and commercial property easy, Haryana Housing Board has formulated a new policy in which one can transfer the property by just paying requisite fee and charges. It will also help allottees in getting the conveyance deed executed in respect of their flats.


In a recently held board meeting of Haryana housing board, these decisions were taken. According to board’s spokesperson, “It had been observed that the existing policies of the board were restrictive in nature and not in consonance with the aims and objectives of “housing for all”. It also hampers the main objective of the board to provide affordable housing to the needy. Also, these policies have become redundant due to various decisions taken by the board in recent past.”


He further said that till now transfer of tenancy rights were restricted to blood relations but with ease norms they can now also be transformed to any other person may be relative, friend or anyone else. However, there is no eligibility condition for the transferee except that he or she must have completed 18 years of age at the time of transfer.


In case where full payment is yet to be made and the HPTA is enforceable, transfer can be allowed more than once, subject to payment of requisite fees and submission of documents and completion of formalities.


Also in case of transferring of dwelling units, now it will based on the general power of attorney (GPA) transactions, where GPA contains a clause to this effect and attorney is legal, valid and enforceable, have been made permissible, provided that the attorney holder would have to give an affidavit to the effect that allottee is alive and the GPA has not been cancelled.