Government to deliver one crore houses under PMAY-G by March 2019


Ministry of Rural Development issued a press release in which the data reveals that there is a striking jump in the construction of houses under Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojana (Gramin). According to the release, a jump of nearly 200% can be seen in the last three years.


As per the release, a total of 11.91 lakh houses were delivered in the financial year of 2014-15. While around 34 lakh houses have been constructed till March 21, 2018.


“While most major States have performed well in the programme, Assam and Bihar had a very large number of incomplete IAY houses.   While these two States have done well in completing old incomplete houses, their performance in PMAY (G) has started picking up now and it is hoped that they too would equal some of the other better performing States.” the ministry said in a release.


The data further showed that over 47.21 lakh PMAY (G) houses are at an advanced stage of completion while first installment of 60 lakh houses has already been released and rest others work is in progress.


However, in order to fulfill its mission for ‘Housing for all by 2022’ in rural areas, the central government is aiming to complete the construction of one crore houses under PMAY-Gramin by March 2019.