Gaining from buying property from secondary market



Gaining from buying property from secondary market :

Investing in secondary market can open doors to better profitability options for the end user community, even in a slow market scenario such as today

When you are planning to buy a property today, there are multiple options that you as a buyer can evaluate on the secondary market. However, a buyer needs to play it safe in order to increase chances of gaining from this transaction.

With people already investing heavily in the property market, there are many who want to do away with their investments for their personal reasons and thus can create unique opening for new buyers who can get good returns by investing in such secondary market options at much lower price range.

According to experts, the primary advantage of buying real estate from the secondary market is that the price tag is much lower than the ongoing price points being offered by developer.

According to Nishant Singhal, director-strategy and alliances, Investors Clinic Infratech: “This is the perfect time to buy an apartment from the secondary market. In a number of parts in Gurgaon, resale rates being offered by secondary property options are upto 20% lower than the developer’s rate being offered today.”

And as a direct result of the slowing down of the reality market, in a number of micro-markets in India, the gap between prices in the primary and the secondary market has widened and this is creating unique opportunities for the buyers to seriously look at such cheaper real estate options which are set to deliver bigger returns on the long run.

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