Real Estate Bill to be referred to the Select Committee on Wednesday


Much debate was seen over the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Bill over the past few days. Congress party’s newly invigorated Vice President Rahul Gandhi strongly opposes the deal as he says that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is amending it only in favor of the builders. He considers it to be anti homebuyer and highly favors the builders. Rahul Gandhi also pulled out a last minute homebuyers protest on Monday.

The Rajya Sabha said that it would refer the bill to the select committee for discussion on Wednesday. The government also urged Rahul Gandhi to thoroughly study the proposed amendments before opposing it and starting a protest against it. But with the opposition gaining more power by the day, the House is trying to bring in more parties to support the bill so that they can pass it.

Congress says that the bill does not safeguard the interests of the consumers but saves the builders from delay in home delivery and other wrongdoings. But the parties supporting it say that Congress is only doing this to hog the limelight. In this last week of the budget session, the NDA government is making extensive efforts to push the bill with the help of other supporting parties. The Real Estate Bill will be referred to the select committee on Wednesday.