Buying Property Tips – How you can strike the best deal in Real Estate


How you can strike the best deal in Real Estate :

Manish Srivastava , 42, is a business man based in Greater Noida, and is looking forward to buy an apartment, where he and his family can spend quality time together, but he is confronted with a number of doubts.

When should he buy this property? When is he going to get the right price for the property? Is there any price correction in the offering that he should wait for? And most important of all the questions what kind of gain can he expect after buying the property?

In addition to these queries, there are questions that relate to complexities with taxation and insurance related issues that come automatically with the purchase of a house. Keeping all these concerns in mind, we are coming forward to provide with you insights from our side to help you make that all important decision of your life, an informed one.

Why wait for price correction?

It is a fact that real estate price points have been either stagnant or have risen marginally in the big or large cities of the country. There have been some correction but it happened only in a few pockets. So in such a scenario, we do not suggest you to wait till there is any price correction because it might not happen and even if it happens, it could be marginal.

Need for Long term vision

It is important to understand that people investing in real estate now should not expect prices to rise sharply over the next year or so, because the price points have already increased to a high level in most of the big cities, especially in Mumbai and the National Capital Region (NCR) and hence there is little scope for an increase immediately. We strongly suggest that people should have a long term vision and provide time for their investments to grow exponentially in the real estate space.


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