Supertech Eco Citi

Supertech Eco Citi Sector 137, Noida


Supertech Eco CitiSupertech Eco Citi, Sector-137, Noida. Supertech has launched its new project “Supertech Eco Citi”. Supertech Eco Citi is India’s first Gold Standard approved Project, situated in Sector-137, Noida. Eco Citi is the first eco-centric development project, it consists of 82% landscape area, 2 central parks of 3 acres & 2 acres each within the complex, swimming pool, health club, badminton court, tennis court & amphitheatre. CDM-Gold Standard Foundation of Switzerland has approved this project. Supertech Eco Citi in Noida is the first ever project which has natural ventilation system, which can be used by renewable energy via solar panels and other recycled objects.

USP of the project :

Committed to eco-centrism, Ecociti is about living the way nature wants you to. Creation of a micro-climate of a moderated environment. Use of anaerobic digestor for reduction of methane gas. Communication & Security System. Garbage Shoot. Current payment

Location Map:

Site Map:

Floor Plan:

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