DMRC Floats Tender for Majlis Park-Maujpur Metro Corridor

Delhi News

In a recent development, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has floated tender for the second corridor of Delhi Metro phase-4. The corridor will run between Majlis Park and Maujpur.

Giving more information on the above, Anuj Dayal, ED, Corporate Communication, DMRC said, “The second corridor of the phase-4 line will be 12.5 km long. It will have 8 stations namely Yamuna Vihar, Bhajanpura, Khajuri Khas, Sonia Vihar, Soorghat, Jagatpur Village, Jharoda Majraa, and Burari.”

He further informed that this corridor will meet at other two sections which are Janakpuri West-RK Ashram and Tughlakabad-Aerocity.

A few days back, the DMRC also announced to develop the first-of-its-kind double-decker viaduct on both these sections. While the Tughlakabad-Aerocity corridor will be 2.5 km long, it will be developed between Ambedkar Nagar and Saket G Block stations; the viaduct on the Majlis Park-Maujpur Metro Corridor is proposed to develop between Bhajanpura and Yamuna Vihar stations.

The DMRC official further added, “On the Majlis Park-Maujpur corridor, the viaduct will be on the upper deck at an elevation of 18.5m, while the vehicle flyover will be on lower deck up at 9.5m height.”

The length of the viaduct will be 1.4 km and it will be developed in the center of the road. The road flyover will also be developed by the DMRC. Both these stations will be constructed at a height of 18.5m at the rail level.

The Majlis Park-Maujpur Metro Corridor is the smallest corridor of the Delhi Metro. While this route will play a crucial role in linking north Delhi to North-East Delhi, it will also add to the real estate market of heavily populated areas of Delhi like Bhajanpura, Yamuna Vihar, Khajuri Khas, and Burari.