State Government to develop 10 new flyovers in Lucknow by March 2021


To smoothen up connectivity in and across the city, the state government has planned to develop 10 new flyovers and over bridges in Lucknow by March 2021. This will not only provide relief to commuters from increasing traffic but will also add a feather to the city’s infrastructure development.

The state has decided to develop a total of 11 new routes in the city. The estimated cost of the whole project will be Rs 802 crores, of which the government has already issued Rs 602 crore to kick-start the projects.

Elaborating more on the above development, Keshav Maurya, Deputy Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh said, “These 11 new project will significantly augment the infrastructure of the city. Not only this, but it will also decongest the city and provide a major relief to the daily commuters.”

He further informed that all these projects will be completed as per the decided timeline.

Among all the projects, one of the major ones is an elevated corridor from Shaheed Path to Amausi Airport. This 1.1 km, 4-lane project has been stuck due to some delay in the some of the approvals by Airport Authority of India (AAI). Still, the government is sure, that they will be able to complete this ambitious project in the stipulated timeline. The expected expenditure of the project is approximately 134 crores.

Apart from the above projects, other proposed development includes flyovers at Lucknow-Nagram road and Janneshwar Mishra Park-Samta Moolaak crossing.

Some of the planned overbridges will be developed at Lucknow-Varanasi railway crossing near Utrethia Railway station, Malihabad -Birahimpur near Behta Nullah, Tetanha-Chandrika Devi Marg across Gomti River, Amausi- Mohan Road, Hussainganj-Aishbagh, Meena Bakery-Haiderganj, and Neembu Park to Haiderganj.