GoHive the CoWorking firm plans to double the Capacity in next two months


The Delhi-NCR based Coworking Company, GoHive is planning expansion and thus the founder Mishu Ahluwalia expects to double the capacity to 2800 seats in next months i.e. by May this year.

At present, the firm is offering the services in seven centres in two major cities of North India including one in Delhi and other in Gurugram the city adjoining the national capital. The company plans to open one more centre in Gurugram and one in Dwarka by May.

GoHive is also planning to expand the seating capacity at its existing centers the founder Mishu said.

In the recent development, the firm also raised funds of capitals from the High Networth Individuals [HNIs] who are also the family and friends of the founder Mishu Ahluwalia.

The founder also said that the company is in talks to setup a 500 seater centre in Bengaluru by June 2019. Ahluwalia also added that the firm is planning to increase its employee strength to 50 people that is at 19 currently. The same is on cards by June this year.

Apart from this, the firm also plans to increase its capacity to approximately 5000 seats overall in the next 18 months while stepping into Noida and other two-tier cities such as Indore, Lucknow and Ahmedabad.

Mishu Ahluwalia also said that the firms that are based out of Tier I cities, demand for space in two-tier cities for setting up their back offices.

Ahluwalia founded GoHive in 2017 with two other cofounders Saurabh Pratap Singh and Kumud Singh. Initially, the company searched for occupants on social media to get their space vacant in the real estate brokerage firm office that had a seating capacity of 30 seats and had only 6 employees.