Microsoft Signed Lease Deal with Salapuria group in Hyderabad


Microsoft getting into a lease deal with the Salarpuria Sattva group for 4,00,000 sq. ft. office space in the upcoming Knowledge city in Hyderabad and merely three people are aware of this development an official said.

The software giant Microsoft will occupy land in the phased manner and 2 lakh sq. ft. land parcel is estimated to be taken next year followed by 2 lakh sq. ft. more which total to 4 lakhs sq.ft. The Salarpuria Sattva spokesperson denied to share much details of the deal and said that the same will become operational by next year. The Knowledge City charges rental of Rs 65-75 per sq. ft.

The confirmation of the deal came from a spokesperson of the Microsoft Company as the official said that Microsoft workspaces have grown over the years to flawlessly assimilate people, places and technology while reflecting the company’s values. Microsoft India has more than 9,000 employees across the country and they plan to increase collaboration, creativity and productivity.

Satya Nadella, chief executive of the company plans to conquer the local market and its engineering talent as the company looks for more space in order to expand in a huge way in Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

Microsoft leased 8,50, 000 sq. ft. office space on Outer Ring Road, Bengaluru with Prestige Ferns Galaxy in the year 2017.