Mumbai’s Development Plan – 2034 Comes into Act Now

Mumbai News

Mumbai get its Development Plan-2034 into act from today but in a partial manner. Now, BMC’s i.e. [Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation] permission is not required to make necessary changes inside the residential units. The Development Plan is partial came into existence as some Sanctioned Modifications, the Development Control and Promotion Regulations which are commonly known as DCPR will be implemented after some time.

BMC, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation is planning to hold a public hearing to take suggestions in order to finalize EP of the same. All plans will now be examined under DCPR [Development Control and Promotion Regulations] 2034.

Yomesh Rao, member of the Practicing Engineers, Architects and Town Planners Association stated that the rules framed under this Development Plan are extremely laid are really simple and the incentives offered to develop residential societies with units in bad conditions are also meticulously planned. The slum redevelopment plan is required to have 35% space open.

Vilas Nagalkar, another architect stated that buildings right next to 9m wide road are difficult to redevelop due to TDR as it won’t allow plots abutting such roads.

A few months back, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation also planned to introduce a digital system as it will ease the process of depositing and checking property tax in the city. This induction of digital payment method will smoothen the task of receiving and submitting the property tax amount and will also increase the revenue of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation in coming years.