Now register your property through Aadhaar in Maharashtra

Mumbai News

In a good move which will make property registration easier in Maharashtra, the state department of registration and stamps issued a notification allowing verified Aadhaar credentials for all property deals. This made Maharashtra the first state in the country to allow Aadhaar verification for property registrations.


The happy news is that it will lead to the end of one of the tedious steps of property verification process which is to get an independent witness in the registrar office while registering an immovable property. This will make the whole process simpler as well as transparent.


Giving more information about the move, an official at the state Inspector-General of Registration (IGR) office said, “The complete procedure is consent-based which means now you have the option of producing your Aadhaar card for registration instead of the present day regulation of getting an independent witness. With this choice of linking your unique identification number, the process is set to become easy for citizens.”


Earlier, the third witness had to go through a tedious process at the sub-registrar’s office. But with the advent of the unique identification number, almost every person today holds Aadhaar card and thus this tiresome process will now become easier and hassle-free.


Deputy inspector-general of registration (IGR) Supriya Karmarkar said that they have made an amendment in the Section 32A of the Registration Act, 1908 to introduce the new system. Aadhaar verification will fulfill the requirements. On the contrary, in case a person doesn’t have UID then it will be mandatory to carry an independent witness.


So as a whole, this move is definitely going to reduce the unwanted crowd at the registration offices as well as also ease the property registration process.