Uttarakhand – A perfect Option Buying Second Home


The increasing income and the concept of spending quality time out of the town ignite the necessity to buy a second home. Yes, people do travel in uphill areas of the Country in order to find peace of mind as soon as they get two-three days off from the work.


But the burden of a hotel stays every time you visit these places is likely to burn a hole in the pocket. So, your yearly income and willingness to experience peace of mind is a perfect idea to buy a second home in the picturesque location of Uttarakhand in Northern India.


Apart from the scenic beauty of this State, you also get various benefits of owning property here. So, let us take a glimpse of the reasons for buying a second home in the uphill area of the Country.


1. Easy Property Buying Rules

The Government of Uttarakhand allows buying of land in the State by the residents of other States. But the person is restricted to purchase land or plot outside the limitation of Local Municipality. Also, the buyer is allowed to own 250 Sq. meters of land in the outskirt areas of the State which he or she can own individually or in a joint manner.


The non-resident of Uttarakhand can easily buy agricultural land outside the main city where the local Municipality limit ends.


2. Options to Own Property

Here you will get a range of properties to buy such as independent villa, farmhouse, agricultural land and residential plots. Also, one can invest in a lower budget and can increase the budget as you identify property near the capital city Dehradun which also offers 1BHk and 2BHk apartments here. The apartment costs around rupees 6,000-6,500/ Sq.ft and the plots range between 30,000-25,000 per sq.yard.


Interestingly, you need to pay upto rupees 50 lacs and 12 crores INR in order to buy well-developed plots and land here in the State.


3. Constant Price Appreciation

The State witnesses constant price appreciation in plot, apartments and developed land. Many people who have invested here in Uttarakhand confirm that the property offers well-deserved price appreciation at regular intervals. Therefore, investing here is a good option especially if you are in search of a vacation home.


4. Welcome Additional Income

It is not necessary to keep the home vacate while staying back in the urban area. In fact, you can turn the second home into a lodge or a concept holiday home and can earn additional income as you get a fixed rental from this property.


So, here is the chance to own a second home that guarantees returns while you stay back amid the city noise.