Lodha Aurum Grande Kanjurmarg East, Mumbai


Lodha Aurum GrandeLodha Aurum Grande Kanjurmarg East, Mumbai :

Lodha Aurum Grande, the most attentive arranging, the finest fittings and completes, and the most careful itemizing meet up to give you a living arrangement that inhales immaculate extravagance. The cool undulating waters of a pool and the loftiness of Italian marble lead you into the Lodha Aurum Grande, outlined in an unique sickle shape. Anyway the individuals who work should likewise play. Your private home theater parlor is the ideal play station for you to loosen up with family and companions, over a couple of hours of motion picture viewing.

Floor Plan 1161 sq.ft :

Lodha Aurum Grande1

Floor Plan 1359 sq.ft :

Lodha Aurum Grande2