Microtek Greenburg Sector 86, Gurgaon


Microtek Greenburg Sector 86, Gurgaon :

Microtek is a specialty of Luxury Living. Experience the phenomenal at Greenburg, where an interesting and flexible way of life anticipates you. A restrictive improvement at division 86, Gurgaon, conceived out of greenery, the Eden of Greenburg is saturated with the same magical paean that goes through a rich field. Enlivened by the liberality of the Mother Nature, that secures and gives; sustains and aides; encounter a blooming heaven in the midst of the lushness of verdant joys. Greenburg’s radiant feel is an unmistakable responsibility to extravagance and sections of land of creative greenery, be it the green fairway or the verdant manicured yards or the reviving water characteristics.

• 75% lofts open to green with 2 expansive swimming pools

• Golf putting greens

• 3-side open lofts

• High-end extravagance peculiarities and offices

• 20000 sq.ft. high-end club

Floor Plan 1480 sq.ft :

Floor Plan 1895 sq.ft :

Location Map :

Site Map :


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