Re-sketched Okhla Eco Zone Saves Noida’s Real Estate Buyers


Re-sketched Okhla Eco Zone Saves Noida’s Real Estate Buyers :

The proposed draft is giving a new lease of life to the real estate that has already been created and will pave way for better management of the Eco Zone.

Real estate buyers in Noida are rejoicing with a new fervor and the reason is pretty simple. There is a draft in the hands of the government which, proposes a no-construction zone extending 1.27 km from the sanctuary towards the DND flyway in the north and 100 metres to its East, West and South.

And as a result of this draft proposal, all the investment that has been put in by home buyers in Noida is now safe. The biggest sign of relief comes from the fact that the redrawn eco-sensitive zone around the Okhla bird sanctuary is not going to affect any real estate project in the area.

Providing huge relief to the builders as well as home buyers, this will ensure that all the projects which are in the pipeline in this area, can be completed and as a result thousands of people will now be able to have their homes in their hands.

It is important to understand that quite recently the National Green Tribunal highlighted a 10 km radius around the bird sanctuary as a restricted zone, with no real estate activity. And as a result, real estate occupation certificates of around 30,000 flats that were ready could not be granted, considerably slowing down the work in other projects within the vicinity.