Meerut’s Silver Lune Urbe Delivering Quality Real Estate


When you are looking for the quality real estate, Meerut based Silver Lune Urbe promises a living that can be compared to celestial living. This real estate project offers both duplex and individual floors with 3 BHK and 4 BHK types of units.

The spacious individual floors are built to provide maximum luxury and comfort to the residents. They are fitted with all the amenities that make life not just worth living but a thing to enjoy as long as it lasts.

Meerut is today’s ideal Real Estate Destination

Owing to the fact that this place is quite close to the NCR region, Meerut’s realty market has shaped up quite well now that is not only catering to the increasing housing demand or the NCR region but also delivering residential real estate well within the affordable limits of a common man. All this is placing projects such as Meerut’s Silver Lune Urbe in super category of real estate where customers stand to gain on the long run.

Additionally, if we look closely, Meerut has a lot of land for development and is fast turning into a strategic residential and commercial real estate destination for realty developers and end customers looking for best deals in real estate. And especially at a time when real estate prices have gone up in hubs such as Gurgaon and Delhi, Meerut’s realty market has developed as an ideal destination.

Meerut is also increasingly become important as today with a number of domestic and foreign players across industries are shifting their base to Tier II cities such as Meerut and hence the demand for real estate in these developing townships is going up. However, the price points are still quite affordable for the end customers.

As a result of all this, the realty market of Meerut has shown phenomenal potential for growth and Meerut based Silver Lune Urbe is a great example of how things are looking positive towards real estate segment in Meerut.

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