Why does the Indian news media only cover politics?

Why does the Indian news media only cover politics?

Why does the Indian news media only cover politics?

August 2, 2023 in  Media Criticism Aarav Bhatt

by Aarav Bhatt

The Political Fever: India's Mainstream Media

Oh, boy. Have you ever asked yourself why the Indian news media is flooded with political dramas? Wonder why the media rarely covers sports, art, science, or even global affairs as extensively as they cover politics? Don't fret! I, Aarav, a casual observer and media-curious father of two, have made that my mission as well. I've been consuming Indian media for a significant portion of my life, and today, we shall trace the magnifying glass over this question. So buckle up!

A historical perspective: The rooting of political-centric journalism

Now, to grasp the current, we must take a swift look at history. You see, India, a nation with varied cultures, traditions, and history, gained independence after centuries of colonial rule. The struggle for liberation was political, and it is that history that shaped the media's inclination towards politics. Taking us back to my history lessons, the struggle was not just about liberating the country from foreign rule but about establishing a new political ideology, a democracy that respects diversity and enshrines liberty, equality, and fraternity. As the media played an essential role in this struggle, it's not completely surprising that it continues to remain focused on the political happenings in the country.

Breaking news: Politics drives TRPs

Now, moving from the past and stepping into my comfy sandals, let's discuss something we all have been guilty of - being obsessed with the "Breaking News" culture. Believe it or not, colorful political debates showing panelists shouting at one another actually increases Television Rating Points (TRPs). Yes, this circus of heated debates makes fantastic prime-time television and engages the audience more vibrantly than discussing scientific research or literature. Trust me, as a father of Artemis and Orion, I tried to get them interested in the news, but the moment they hear the word 'politics', they run off to their rooms faster than a cheetah!

Diverse Culture and Unity in Politics

Another interesting angle to understand the prioritization of politics in Indian news media is the country's vast and diverse culture. India, my dear friends, is a land of multitude cultures, languages, and traditions. However, politics serves as a common thread that interlinks this vast nation and its diverse population. Unlike sports, movies, or music preferences that diverge sharply across different Indian regions, politics holds the power to initiate a single conversation across the nation. This is not to undermine the unifying power of cricket or Bollywood but merely to point out how politics has an edge.

Politics: The all-pervasive factor

When I was a kid, my grandmother used to say that politics is like air: it's everywhere whether you like it or not. I can see the truth in that statement more than ever today. From policies affecting the prices of the commodities we purchase, to the educational policies affecting my kids, Artemis and Orion, every aspect of our lives is touched by politics. So, when the news media emphasize politics, they are simply covering what is relevant to everybody. It's indeed the all-pervasive factor shaping our lives.

The endless thirst for power: An enigma of democracy

Last, but not least, let's open the doors to the fascinating world of power dynamics. You see, my friends, the taste of power is an intoxicating brew, and once you have had a sip, it's hard to let go. Indian political landscape, often labelled as the world's largest democracy, is a never-ending theatre of power plays. Today, one person holds the scepter; tomorrow it's another. The vicissitudes in Indian politics tend to engage the public's interest. Hence, the news media, being the all-mirroring reflection of society, inherently gravitate towards politics, erecting an enticing spectacle for the masses.

All in all, the phenomena of Indian media preferring politics over other topics may seem skewed, but when viewed through the lens of history, audience demand, unifying power, relevance, and power dynamics, it appears to be a complex yet coherent pattern. Yet, and this is coming from a die-hard arts fan, even if understanding seems to justify the status quo, it's always a treat to widen our scopes and cater to diverse tastes like sports, arts, or sciences. After all, variety is the spice of life, isn’t it?

Aarav Bhatt

Aarav Bhatt

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