What is the current status of Salman Khan hit and run case?

What is the current status of Salman Khan hit and run case?

What is the current status of Salman Khan hit and run case?

July 31, 2023 in  News & Current Events Aarav Bhatt

by Aarav Bhatt

Unraveling the Threads of Salman Khan's Saga

The Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has been embroiled in a legal circus for years, dating back to 2002. The case put Salman Khan under the spotlight but not for his acting prowess. A majority of us have followed the highlights of this legal battle, yet few know the intricate details of this drawn-out courtroom ordeal.

This was not a case of the famous actor running over a paparazzo in a momentary lapse of judgement. Neither was it a circumstance where he had to confront an overzealous fan in self-defense. This case was related to a hit and run incident where allegedly, Salman Khan drove over a group of homeless people sleeping on a sidewalk, resulting in one death and four injuries. The event led to a twenty year-long entanglement with the subcontinental judicial system, extracting not just time but also significant emotional upheaval from the actor.

Eyewitness Accounts and Initial Days

The case kicked off immediately after the incident on 28th September, 2002. The place was Bandra, a popular suburb in Mumbai. After being informed of the accident, the police arrived at the scene in a matter of minutes. A Toyota Land Cruiser was found crashed into a local bakery, with evidence suggesting an immediate flee from the scene. Police had recorded eye witness accounts that confirmed Salman as the person driving the vehicle.

The incident led to nationwide outrage and intense media scrutiny. The following days, saw Salman Khan booked under IPC Section 304 II which is culpable homicide not amounting to murder, invoking a maximum ten-year jail sentence. But how and why did the case last for nearly two decades despite seemingly clear evidence?

The Legal Machinations and Delays

The journey of the case through the Indian judicial system seemed like Salman switching between different character roles. The highs, the lows, the suspense and the moments of relief. The case changed hands from one courtroom to another, with each new appearance generating fresh headlines.

The delay in final verdict can be attributed to many reasons, including the complicated nature of Indian legal system, shifting witnesses and alleged manipulation. One key event was when the culpability was decreased from culpable homicide not amounting to murder to death due to negligence, which considerably reduced the potential punishment. This relief however was not long-lasting, as the charges were restored back to homicide after legal controversy and public outcry. In this back and forth, a regular anthem for the actor became 'court appearance tomorrow'.

Verdict Falls, But Is It the End?

The most significant development occurred in May 2015, 13 years after the unfortunate incident. After years of deliberations, protocol, and surprises, the final verdict fell. Salman Khan was convicted and sentenced to five years in prison. The judgement read, "You were driving the car, without a licence and you were under the influence of alcohol."

However, the Indian Penal System has a mechanism by which convicted individuals can appeal against their conviction in a higher court. Hence, while the sentence was potentially bitter, it was not the end of the road for Salman. His legal team immediately swooped in for a rescue operation and managed to get a bail and suspend the sentence until the hearing at a higher court.

The Roller-coaster Continues

With a suspended sentence and out on bail, Salman Khan was back in the public eye and continuing his acting career, but there was still a storm brewing in the horizon. The Bombay High Court had delayed proceedings due to the upcoming monsoon, but the case was still ongoing, and the sword of Damocles was still hanging over Salman's head. It was not until December 2015 that the Court started announcing its judgement.

The Court's verdict came as a surprise, Salman Khan was acquitted. The judgement read, "The prosecution has failed to prove the charges against Khan on all counts." This decision hinged on the fact that the prosecution witnesses were found to be unreliable, further elongating the saga with more confusing twists and turns.

Current Status: Lingering Shadows from the Past

As of 2023, the Salman Khan hit and run case is still on the books. While he may have been acquitted by the Bombay High Court in 2015, the story did not end there. The Maharashtra Government challenged the acquittal verdict in the Supreme Court of India, keeping the case alive and leaving Salman Khan entangled in the judicial jungle. As of now, no further comments or verdicts have been made by the Supreme Court, leaving everyone on the edge of their seats waiting for the next episode of the Salman Khan hit and run case.

The Salman Khan Case and Its Impact

While the case itself has been a draining journey for Salman Khan, it has also surfaced important conversations around celebrity culture, accountability, and the Indian legal system. The drawn-out legal battle pointed towards the systemic delays and issues pertaining to India's judiciary. At the same time, it acted as a mirror reflecting the power of celebrityhood, showing how it can influence legal proceedings.

Personal Reflections

Being an ardent fan of Bollywood, this case struck a chord within me. I remember growing up watching Salman's films, his action sequences and groovy dance moves. As I grew older and followed his case, I learned a lot about humanity, responsibility and the power of fame. It made me question the influence of social status and forced me to think more deeply about justice. This case prompted me to realise that heroes exist only on the silver screen, in real life, everybody's human, capable of both good deeds and irreplaceable mistakes.

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